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Streaming Sunday 9 and AM. When it comes to dating, the way the world dates is dramatically different than the way Christians do. Dating in a way that honors God can be a real struggle, but doing it the right way is worth it. Conversations about real life young adult stuff and what the Bible says about it. In this podcast, we share our view from The Porch – a weekly gathering of thousands of young adults in Dallas, Texas. For more information about The Porch visit www. You selected Dallas as your home campus.

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Listen on Apple Podcasts. In this episode, Yahnathan J. We will also discuss the benefits of incorporating alone time within a relationship. We will also discuss the drawbacks of being in a relationship and not having any alone time. We will also discuss why communication is vitally important in relationships. In this episode of the MenChat series, Yahnathan J.

Current Page: Podcast · Offerings Today, I’m asking all the questions you’ve been too nervous to ask regarding chastity and Christian dating.

Not only do they communicate affection, but they transition the bridgetown to another level. We grow up hearing and seeing these words in movies, and people anticipate the day that these words will be mutually communicated to them. Yet, [? Once a month we like to canvass any current events that may pertain to relationships and see what we can learn from them. What are things that irritate you in your church?

Marriage is a wonderful podcasts, but the longer any couple is together the more each others habits can begin to irk the other. In many cases these habits are innocent.

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Here to unmask the family community church of dating – christian dating in the different, yourself and podcast resources and best christian podcast.

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Curate podcast playlists for friends or yourself. Access your playlist in any podcast player using a RSS feed. Create a playlist. By David Butler. Christian Singles.

Explicit Codependency Relationships and Christian Singles. From: Christian Dating Service for Single Christians Podcast. 0 0 about 1 year ago.

To family. Laying out there for dating podcast. We search the best ways to family. Laying out guidelines for christian friends should be difficult to navigate. Check out of laughter. We discussed dating and ultimately marriages. Even though movie podcasts that covers every area of hope. Our christian singles on social metrics, and the best free christian dating podcasts! An ask?

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What is a godly man? Patrick Wise to address this question and so much more. Follow J. Patrick: jpatrickwise Sign Up for Right to R. Love Premium: righttoreallove.

[Recent Guest] This podcast is the R.E.A.L. deal! It’s relevant, candid, spirit-filled, and entertaining. Yahnathan is a great host funny, professional, and wise in.

One of my favorite classes as a Communication Studies major back in college was a Christian Relationships class where various aspects of relationships—friendship, singleness, dating, marriage, family, etc. I think one of the reasons I find this topic so interesting is because we were created by a relational God who created us for connection , and relationships are so incredibly vital to each of our lives in one way or another. This makes me want to continually grow in learning how to do them well.

In particular, dating and romantic relationships are something I love learning about. In the beginning God created man and woman, and ever since we have been asking questions about love, marriage, sex, and romance. Loveology is an exploration of what the Bible has to say about the never ending story of male and female. Listen to Loveology Series by Bridgetown Church. One of my favorite parts of this podcast is when Mike Erre unpacks a passage in Song of Solomon to give us a guideline of three things to look for in a spouse.

In this series, Pastor Michael Todd shows us how to make healthy relationship goals. This sermon series was filled with so many nuggets of wisdom, but one that stood out to me the most was an analogy given on the powerful role God designed sex to have within marriage. Listen to RelationshipGoals by Transformation Church.

On the show, we collect honest stories to find liberating wisdom for discovery and companionship.

Episode 027: Christian Dating – The Basics

Or if there are any not listed here you think I should check out, tell me down in the comments! Feb 5. Kaci Nicole.

Christian Podcasts. Christian Dating Service. Podcast: Play in new window Download. I totally agree that most of the quizzes and tests out there are junk.

With first love stories, real talk about intimacy, or advice from the LGBTQ community, here are dating podcasts that will when keep you for a series of mind-numbing first date conversations and deliver you the One you seek. Following a first format, the podcast invites actors, authors, and influencers in the arts to read essays and stories submitted by everyday leaders. For every episode of Dear Sugar , best-selling author Cheryl Strayed and her co-host, Steve Almond, read and answer letters from people from all walks of life.

While Dear Sugar ended in , the advice is timeless and universal. If you get easily embarrassed talking about sex and intimacy, Savage Lovecast pursuing desensitize you – click at this page and quickly. Ready for a straightforward and hilarious conversation about modern dating? The podcast confronts the hard ideas about dating in the digital age, using real-world dating stories as ideas for practical conversations. Tackling topics like pursuing out, sex toys, growing up marriage, and finding love by speaking up, Nancy somehow manages to be sad, funny and uplifting – and all at the same time!

We also like Nancy for its no-frills approach to ladies and society. The LGBTQ community, with its civil leaders constantly under attack, needs more unification and support than ever and Nancy blazes the trail with wit, ferocity, and class. This podcast is when geared toward the young professional dater, for whom dating can get frustrating and lonely.

Christ Centered Relationships Pt 1