Grinnell College cancels competition for early-fall sports

June 28 will mark the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising in New York City, an event that catapulted the struggle for LGBTQ rights into the public consciousness. Of course, this struggle did not begin with Stonewall, or end with any law or Supreme Court decision — nor is LGBTQ history limited to high-profile protests in big cities. A dedicated group of Grinnell College students and their professor are seeking to discover and preserve LGBTQ history in Iowa by recording testimonials and making these recordings publicly available for future generations. Lewis, a relative newcomer to the Hawkeye State, is a postdoctoral fellow teaching oral history research and gender and sexuality studies. With this in mind, Lewis and his students focused in on the rural area between Iowa City and Des Moines. For most if not all the students involved, the project was their first foray into oral history research. The challenges seemed daunting at the beginning, but according to Lewis, they have accomplished impressive work through their efforts. The students took the lead on all aspects of this project. They hung up posters, created flyers, made phone calls, drove across the state, arranged meetings, recorded interviews and posted content on the website and Facebook page.

Door Valentines: Dating in the 1940s

On the opening day of New Student Orientation, all the first-year students gather in Darby Gym for the welcome ceremony. During speeches and words of wisdom, the new Grinnellians learn one especially noteworthy statistic: 60 percent of Grinnellians marry other Grinnellians. But the excited whisperings that go around the room pay no heed. For most people, however, this statistic also forces consideration of that one unanswered question: what does this mean about the dating culture at Grinnell?

For starters, crossdisciplinary dating is the norm.

St. Olaf College logo. 0. vs. Grinnell College logo. 9. St. Olaf College () at Grinnell College (). Date: 3/7/; Time: 4 p.m.; Arena: Bear Center Field.

Dear Grinnell Staff, Families, and Friends: More than half a century ago, Black Americans, putting their lives on the line, pushed our country to be better, to work toward an America where they enjoy the same rights as white citizens. Today, as we look around, demonstrations across the country calling for racial equality make it very clear that Black Americans are experiencing the very same pain that motivated earlier generations to lead a multiracial movement for an America that embodies ideals we hold.

Sometimes in Grinnell, a community where we celebrate being good neighbors, and pride ourselves on looking out for each other, it can feel like we live apart from problems that people in other parts of the country are experiencing. However, people right here in Grinnell have experienced and are experiencing the same pain as Americans across the country.

This is not okay. Our public school buildings must feel like home for everyone. Our schools must also prepare all students to live in our racially diverse United States.

Campus Hook-Up Culture and Title IX Sex Police Meet Due Process

News about the coronavirus pandemic has dominated the media for months, but amid the flood of information, it can be difficult to find answers to your most pressing questions. In a letter to the Beloit College community, President Scott Bierman discusses the recent ICE ruling and expresses support for our international students. In an email to campus, President Scott Bierman announces starting this Friday, June 19, and going forward, the college will be celebrating Juneteenth on an annual basis as a paid day off.

Information on the Grinnell College Football program and need/merit-based scholarship opportunities in the NCSA student athlete portal.

The sexual misconduct case of John Doe v. Grinnell College just settled, joining over other such cases vindicating male students falsely accused of nonconsensual sexual relations on campus. It appears the college hook-up culture is moving from Title IX sex police to courtroom due process. Title IX is the federal law which bans sex discrimination at schools receiving federal funds.

Acting as law enforcement, judge, and jury, these officials are sometimes referred to as the campus sex police. John Doe was a sophomore in November when he learned that a female student had complained that two of their prior sexual liaisons one year earlier had been non-consensual. The female student did not want Doe formally investigated, but she also did not want him to attend her upcoming study abroad trip. The matter was resolved informally. A few months later, however, a second female student expressed the same concern about Doe regarding relations she had with him the previous summer.

Doe insisted his relations with both females were consensual.

Grinnell College Golf Course

This is the Grinnell College Football scholarship and program information page. Here you’ll have access to information about the school and information on their Football program like who to get hold of about recruiting, names of past alumni, what scholarship opportunities are available and how to begin the recruiting process. It’s possible to choose to contact them through email utilizing the link above or call the college to get more details about the school and Football program prior to deciding if it is the right fit for you.

Since , NCSA has been connecting athletes and coaches which is a crucial component of the recruiting process.

Football History vs Grinnell College from Sep 29, – Oct 6, Last Matchup. Oct. 6, Iowa State University. vs. Grinnell College. 6. Wins. 20​.

Bigger, too, and tougher. The idea was that we both were going off to school. Anyway, we met at Credit Island and we danced and we talked and he went home and I went home. We did not date until we got to Grinnell College. They reconnected through freshmen orientation activities and dated off and on during their first year in college until Richard gave Bette his Grinnell College pin.

After their first year in college, Bette returned to her hometown and Richard continued schooling. But they committed to a long-distance relationship and filled their weekends with trips to Rock Island, Ill. They also made regular trips back to where they met: Credit Island Golf Course. It was your hope that certain boys would tap your partner on the shoulder so you could dance with them.

They were supposed to be known as the best dancers of the group and if you could dance with them, why, it was like another star in your tiara laughs. We danced all the time. Richard was commissioned in the Navy on May 10, , and on May 11, , Richard and Bette were married. Scandia Good Samaritan.

Trustees of Grinnell College

This is the complete guide for transferring to Grinnell. We suggest you read until the end – you can also use the below calculator to estimate your likelihood of being able to transfer to Grinnell. This free college chances tool calculates your acceptance chances at Grinnell or any other U.

Fall Sports Date Host & Site Page Women’s Tennis Individual Tournaments Oct. Ripon , Grinnell College – Grinnell, Iowa, Men’s.

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Knox College Prairie Fire

CC’s “Dean,” Sally Rubenstone , knows the competitive and often convoluted college admissions process inside out. She is hoping to pursue a career in healthcare, but is also interested in finance and business management. Consult these quick resources to get you started on the process this month. February edited April in Grinnell College.

Grinnell College logo. 9. vs. North Central logo. 0. Grinnell College () v North Central (). Date: 3/18/; Time: 10 AM; Arena: Sanlando Park; Site.

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For full details, please click here. A commitment to the common good is the overarching theme of Grinnell College, a private liberal arts school in Iowa. Student Body. Get a personalized plan for a competitive application from an admissions expert. The Jeanne Clery Act requires colleges and universities to disclose their security policies, keep a public crime log, publish an annual crime report and provide timely warnings to students and campus employees about a crime posing an immediate or ongoing threat to students and campus employees.

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Kumail Nanjiani ’01, 2017 Grinnell College Commencement Address